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The Importance of High Armholes

July 13th, 2015

A high cut armhole fundamentally makes the fit, comfort and wear of a suit jacket far superior than that found in a lower cut. Not only does it counter the messy silhouette associated with the big baggy sleeves and ill fitting shoulders of a lower cut armhole, the higher armhole also allows freer movement of the arms, independent of the body of the jacket. So, doing practical things like reaching for things above your head, tying your shoes, driving or even just sitting at your desk, the high armhole offers a great deal more fluidity and flexibility of movement.

An added benefit for men with a slim build is that a high armhole allows the jacket to fit more closely to the chest without bunching. Also allowing for a narrower fitting sleeve, the high cut armhole avoids excess fabric appearing like wings under the arm or creating a pulling distortion at the shoulder.

Low cut armholes are the norm in ready to wear suits, with the wider sleeves and lower cut affording the ability to accommodate men of a variety of shapes and sizes, making sense for the mass market. Unfortunately, having a low armhole also means that when you raise or move your arms, your jacket lifts and moves around them.

High armholes are important in shirts for the same reasons. Wearing a bespoke jacket with a ready to wear shirt will cause bunching of cloth at the top of the arm, being cut as it is to a more general, mass accommodating fit.

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