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Semi Bespoke Suits

November 26th, 2015

Our half hand stitched suits offer an entry into the world of luxury bespoke tailoring.

Rather than being made on a production line our half hand stitched suits are made by highly skilled coat makers. They will stitch, finish and press the suit with your body shape in mind, resulting in a cleaner looking and better fitting garment.

Like the machine stitch suit, this has a half canvass, but rather than being stitched by machine the chest is padded by hand. This creates a web of stitches that build a curvature into the chest where a machine stitched suit would hang flat. This greatly improves shape, fit and the silhouette of the suit.

The finishing on the suit will also be done by hand. With a beautiful raised lapel button hole (rather than a flatter machine stitched one) and subtle hand stitching on the lapel, jacket edge and pockets your suit will clearly stand out from the rest.

This higher grade of construction is available for just £200 on top of the machine stitched price.