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Machine Stitched & Made to Measure Suits

November 26th, 2015

Our machine stitched suits are sometimes interpreted by our customers to be the same as made to measure suits, because they combine both quality and value for money. However, with our machine stitched suits we do so much more. Calling them made to measure suits simply doesn’t do them justice.

So what’s the difference, we hear you ask? Read our explanation below to understand the finer points.

For each of our machine stitched suits we cut a unique paper pattern. This means that each customer gets their own bespoke pattern, unlike with made to measure suits, which are cut from a generic pattern block and once completed, have alterations made to limited areas of the suit to get a better fit. However, with a bespoke pattern the suit is cut to fit you from the start, ensuring that we deliver the best possible fitting suit from the start. We also keep this unique pattern on file for future customer orders.

All of our machine stitched suits are half canvassed to give shape to the chest, unlike general made to measure suits. This is essential when creating the waisted silhouette found in a classic English suit.

Despite being made by machine we still hand pad (stitch) the lapel to create an elegant soft roll which brings life to the suit. We also insert the sleeve head by hand to create an elegant finish and ensure the sleeve is pitched correctly.

All of our cloth is sourced from the finest English and Scottish mills. We don’t do cheap imports, ever.

Starting from just £600 and made from luxury British worsted cloth, our machine stitched suit offers the ultimate entry level tailored suit. While Made to measure suits have roughly the same price, it’s the bespoke pattern and finishing that makes all the difference, giving you a far superior product and much better value for money.

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