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The Future of Savile Row Suits

January 29th, 2014

What does the future hold for Savile Row and Savile Row suits in 2014? Watch this short video, via the Men Style Fashion blog and find out – Featuring James, founder and director of Cad & The Dandy and the Creative Director of Gieves & Hawkes.

Read a transcript of James’s interview below –

“Hi I’m James, Director of Cad & The Dandy, one of the newer companies on Savile Row. The range of customers (we have), the range of garments we make is absolutely exceptional.”

“When you think of female fashion, style commentators, every time a girl gets out of a car at a premiere they’re always commenting ‘wow, she’s wearing so-and-so’. When a guy gets out of the car it’s ‘oh, he’s wearing a suit’. There isn’t that same sort of trumpeting or fanfare about the guys and what they are wearing.”

“If we want to protect and preserve Savile Row and Savile Row suits we also need to trumpet what it is that everyone on the street is doing. You know it takes a long time to do what these guys are doing. To learn how to cut, learn how to make and it’s important to educate on the difference – all suits are not born equal and Savile Row is at the pinnacle of suit making.”

“Any guy can go out and wear a hoodie, you know? And there’s been a massive swing back to formal wear dressing – people caring about how they look. Not everyone can wear a Savile Row suit. It’s something to achieve. And that’s what we’re in here for, to be an achievable luxury, a considered purchase.”

“It always upsets me when you see these guys, going up for awards, and their sleeves are down here, because with a little bit of effort, you can look fantastic. A lot of people don’t know how to do it and that’s what we’re here for. We’re not just in the business to make people a suit, but we’re also in the business to try and say this is what’s going to work for you. Try to help the people and it’s a process to not only make for the customer but a journey the customer goes on, experiencing how to look the best he can look.”

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