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Style Guide – Pocket Squares

March 4th, 2014

Not everyone likes to wear a tie and there are definitely some occasions that call for less formality, in which case a pocket square may suffice. In certain casual situations one can bypass the tie altogether and opt for a pocket square to compliment a suit or jacket, made up in cotton, linen or silk.

Originally a look sported by more senior gentlemen, we are now seeing a younger generation of dapper dressers adopting it, reflecting a more contemporary approach. Pocket squares can be used to compliment the tone of your suit or jacket, or to create a striking contrast. Paisley prints and spots are very popular current choices, with plain colours and stripes retaining a more conservative and traditional feel.


We have many clients requesting bespoke options, made up to match the lining of a suit or jacket. These tend to be more daring in their approach with varying themes from skull & crossbones, bright floral prints, peacocks and even tattoos! So whether a traditionalist or a trend setter, pocket squares are certain to add style and flair to any ensemble.

Of course, one can also always wear a pocket square with a tie, as our image examples show. Matching to a tie is an option but it’s better to compliment the shirt and tie overall. The more daring and dandy may opt for clashing patterns, colours and tones.

cad and the dandy new york


When considering a pocket square, it is also worth remembering that there are many ways to fold and present your pocket. These include straight, squared, ruffled, pointed and rounded. On that note, we’ll sign off with this step-by-step Wiki How guide to help you make the fold of your choice.

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