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Style Guide – A Shoe for Every Occasion

October 21st, 2014

Whatever the occasion, selecting the right shoe for your bespoke suit is key and our latest Style Guide is here to help. Read on for advice on selecting the right shoes for business, casual and evening wear. There’s also a few tips on care, to keep your shoes in tip-top condition.

In an arena where first impressions are vital, it’s best to keep your footwear smart and understated. As a general rule, let the quality do the talking. Black oxfords are a solid work-wear choice. Some punch details are acceptable but for a cleaner, sharper look, plain oxfords are best.

A chunky brogue or well proportioned chukka boot are both ideal footwear choices for casual situations. Dark brown or ox blood chukka boots, with dark laces, look great when paired with selvedge denim jeans and a tweed sports jacket. Alternatively, a pair of chestnut brown, chunky brogues work well with stone chinos and a classic navy blazer.

Tassel loafers or Chelsea boots are stylish enough to step out in, whilst also being hardy enough to take you through to the early hours, should the situation require it. Black tassel loafers look great with a pair of slim grey trousers and a crisp white shirt. Chelsea boots in dark brown or ox blood leather, with a highly polished toe, look extremely classy when teamed with dark blue jeans and a leather jacket.

If you’re investing in good quality footwear, follow these three Style Guide golden rules to keep shoes and boots at their best.
1. Never wear the same pair of shoes two days in a row. This allows the shoes time to dry out and will reduce the wear on the soles.
2. Always use shoe trees, inserting straight after each wear. The shoe trees will absorb any moisture and help to keep the shape of the shoe.
3. Polish regularly. Always start by brushing your shoes with a stuff brush as this will remove any surface dirt. Then apply a cream to the welt and upper, which will nourish the leather and help to stop it from cracking/splitting. After this has had time to soak in, apply a wax/polish. This will give the leather its waterproof qualities and enable you to shine your shoes. Once absorbed, give your shoes a good buffing with a soft bristled brush.

Posted by Dmitri Kyriakou, Tailoring Consultant.
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