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Style Guide – A Sartorial Festive Season

November 23rd, 2017


The festive season can be a tricky time for gent’s attire so we’ve put together this handy seasonal style guide to help. Parties, black tie events, family get togethers and work gatherings are in abundance which, for the dapper dresser, gives plenty of scope to show off your finest threads.


At the more general end of the spectrum, these events can vary hugely in dress codes. However, there are some general rules to bear in mind. Casual but smart separates are generally ideal for the low key seasonal event.

A bespoke blazer, in a subtly patterned mid-weight cloth, paired with dark denim is a winning combination for most of these events. Sharply tailored trousers in corduroy or moleskin also work well, with complimentary coloured tweed and worsted jackets.

Add a touch of flair and creativity with carefully selected accessories – boxcloth braces and patterned silk pocket squares. Layering also comes into play here so make the most of this seasonal opportunity to flash the panache with a bespoke coat, good quality scarf and a statement hat.



If you’re going the suit route for your annual business bash, avoid the lazy option of plain navy and grey staple work-day suits. This is an opportunity to show your individuality among colleagues, so opt instead for cloths with added interest – subtle checks, sophisticated tweeds and intricate stripes.


If it’s a more dress down look you’re after, go for a slightly heavier weight plain weave shirt (brushed cotton for example) and no tie. For the ultimate casual alternative consider a long sleeve knitted polo shirt or lightweight roll neck.



Again, this is an event where added flair can be achieved via considered layering and accessorising.



As far as black tie is concerned, if you can buy bespoke, do. There are a few very good rental companies springing up ( but, if you have the time and the budget, a bespoke dinner suit is always best.

A great investment, your dinner suit should last a long time as it is usually only worn a handful of times a year. Stick to one button in classic black for timeless elegance or choose an alternative colour and fabric – midnight blue wool and velvets in black, dark green, claret and navy are all very popular at the moment – to make a stronger style statement.


Next up is your bow tie, always black or midnight blue, self-tied (there are a wealth of videos on the internet to guide you here) in either a plain velvet, grosgrain or satin ideally in a fabric to match the lapels of your dinner jacket. It is never ok to wear comedy designs or excruciating colours, even if this is the silly season!

Add some Albert Thurston silk moire braces in black, white or midnight blue, to keep your trousers correctly positioned and a silk dress scarf to add a touch of flair, colour and individuality.

One final and very important note – if your invitation says ‘Black Tie Optional’ always wear your dinner suit. There is no such thing as optional!

So there you have it, a few simple guidelines to help you have an ultimately stylish festive season.

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