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Summer Suits? No Sweat

July 2nd, 2018


Surely suits and hot weather don’t mix, right? Wrong. It’s simply a matter of the right choice of cloth combined with considered, lightweight layering. Traditionally, summer bespoke tailoring also has a more casual cut, with a relaxed fit, soft shoulders and half linings.

Ironically, hot weather is also a time for waistcoats to shine. When the mercury rises, ditching your suit jacket and opting instead for a bespoke waistcoat – worn with a crisp cotton shirt and a pair of tailored trousers – gives you a sharp look without the raging sweat.


Crossing over from the world of men’s fashion, suits are increasingly being worn with a more casual approach. Think patterned shirts, t-shirts and polo shirts with trainers, driving shoes and moccasins. Fashion is all very well but when you’re investing in bespoke, it’s style that prevails. So, if you must nod to current trends, keep it clean, tidy and considered.


Cloth wise, linen, cotton, fine wool and cashmere all come to the fore for stylish bespoke summer wear with their natural cool, breathable qualities being the crucial factor. When the occasion calls for classic tailoring, whether for work or social events, these are a few of our top hot weather go-to cloths.


To complete your summer wardrobe, with more casual occasions in mind, add bespoke separates in a palette of more playful colours. Tailored trousers in mustard, raspberry or petrol blue will all co-ordinate well with lightweight jersey knitted shirts in crisp whites, pale greys, pastels and soft neutrals.

Most importantly, your wardrobe is your face to the world, so being prepared is crucial. Building a bespoke wardrobe is a considered business and it pays to plan ahead. Book your bespoke wardrobe consultation with one of our Tailoring Consultants.

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