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Business Suits

Cad & The Dandy tailor bespoke business suits for first impressions that count. A well made business suit is an essential part of every working man’s wardrobe, reflecting professionalism, good taste and an expression of personal style.

Our team of expert tailors understand the daily demands placed on work suits, with heavy wear and travelling being major concerns. On hand to advise on the wide range of fabrics available, in breathable, anti-crease, lightweight and mid-weight options, we’ll ensure you look your best whatever work-day challenges you face.

– We have thousands of cloths to choose from
– Business Suits start at £1000, for a 2 piece
– Suit construction takes 6-8 weeks on average
– Book online in London, New York or Stockholm
– Our expert tailors will guide you through every stage

Book a consultation at one of our London, New York or Stockholm locations or read our Business Suits Guide to find out more.

  • Business Suits Gallery

  • Two Piece Suit - £1700
    Cloth: Fox Bros & Co. Worsted

  • Two Piece Suit - £1500
    Cloth: HFW Super 150

  • Three Piece Suit - £2110
    Cloth: Italian Lightweight Flannels

  • Two Piece Suit - £1500
    Cloth: HFW Fresco

  • Three Piece Suit - £1860
    Cloth: YTC Super 150

  • Two Piece Suit - £1600
    Cloth: Solbiati Linen

  • Two Piece Suit - £2000
    Cloth: Loro Piana Denim

  • Waistcoat & Trousers - £890
    Cloth: Cacciopoli Wool/Silk/Linen

  • Two Piece Suit - £1700
    Cloth: Holland & Sherry Classic Flannels

  • Two Piece Suit - £1700
    Cloth: Fox Bros & Co. Flannels

  • Two Piece Suit - £2000
    Cloth: Loro Piana Denim

  • Three Piece Suit - £1490
    Cloth: Dugdale Super 100

  • Three Piece Suit - £1610

  • Three Piece Suit - £1235
    Cloth: Dugdale Royal Classics

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