The House Cut The House CutThe House CutThe House Cut

The House Cut – Wholebean Coffee


The House Cut features washed Colombian beans sourced from the Burila estate, nestled on the Western, Pacific-facing side of the country. With approximately 84,000 trees, its micro-climates, sloping terrain, and dynamic weather patterns enable the cultivation of fresh coffee crops year-round.

The coffee cherries from Burila are meticulously selected at optimum ripeness and sugar content. They undergo a waterless depulping process followed by a 19-22 hour fermentation period to enhance the richest red fruit flavours, yielding a silky, sweet coffee with subtle cocoa acidity. This Medium Roast boasts delightful notes of apple, brown sugar, caramelised cherry and chocolate.

– Origin: Colombia
– Process: Washed
– Altitude: 1430m-1760m
– Species: Coffea Arabica
– SCA Score: 85

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