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We have put together this list of our most frequently asked questions, to assist with any queries you may have. Please don’t hesitate to contact us directly if your query is not covered below. You’ll find our contact email and telephone number at the bottom of the list.

How much do your suits cost?
What's the difference between semi-bespoke and bespoke?
What are your standard terms of payment?
How long does it take to have a suit made?
How many times will I need to visit you to have my suit made?
What is the Process?
Can I look at examples of your tailoring before I buy?
How many cloths do you have for me to choose from?
Do you offer an alterations service?
Do you keep my information for future orders?
Do I need to make an appointment?
Can I have my suit sent out to me?
What are your opening hours?
How often do you offer appointments in New York?
How often do you offer appointments in Stockholm?
Further help?