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Since Henry Poole built his palatial showroom in Savile Row and started the long tradition of the Savile Row suit, it has become famously known as the “golden mile of tailoring” with an international reputation for style, craft and individuality.

With a heritage of over two hundred years, Savile Row is the acknowledged home to some of the finest tailors in the world, whose practices and traditions are protected by the Savile Row Bespoke Association. They are renowned for their unequalled craftsmanship, quality, expertise and exceptional attention to detail in the construction of bespoke hand made men’s suits. In all the variations of design, cut and cloth, a Savile Row suit always has that unmistakable ‘V’ contour which guarantees a gentleman’s elegance; a garment cut by an individual, for an individual.

Working alongside its long standing neighbours, Cad & The Dandy’s aim is to support and maintain the preeminence of Savile Row Tailors, not only by servicing the Row’s established customers, but also by attracting a new generation of gentlemen with its modern, open approach and attractive pricing structure.

Whatever your requirements, a two-piece suit, single or double breasted suit, or a three-piece suit with a waistcoat, Cad & The Dandy is committed to making sure every customer receives a gold standard suit from a prestigious Savile Row tailor.