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Bespoke Casual Wear & Separates

At Cad & The Dandy, we make a diverse collection of bespoke clothing for a discerning clientele.

From formalwear to bespoke casual wear and tailored separates, our passion for bespoke tailoring, our knowledge of the craft and our commitment to style remains consistent throughout.

Taking our cues from a wide spectrum of influences and key looks, we offer a range of casual shirts, trousers and jackets to suit all tastes.

With an extensive range of cloths at their disposal, our team of expert tailors work closely with clients, throughout the bespoke process, to deliver impeccable garments and excellent customer service.

– We have thousands of cloths to choose from
– Bespoke Separates start at £280, for a pair of trousers
– Our expert tailors will advise on all aspects of the process
– Book online in London, New York or Stockholm
– Garment construction takes 8-10 weeks, on average

  • Bespoke Suit Jacket

    Casual & Separates

  • Bespoke Safari Jacket

  • Bespoke Summer Jacket

  • Tailored Safari Jacket

  • Bespoke Summer Blazer

  • Bespoke Blue Blazer

  • Bespoke Waistcoat

  • Bespoke Casual Wear

  • Bespoke Winter Jacket

  • Bespoke Winter Jacket
  • Bespoke Winter Jacket
  • Bespoke Winter Jacket
  • Bespoke Winter Jacket
  • Bespoke Winter Jacket
  • Bespoke Winter Jacket
  • Bespoke Winter Jacket
  • Bespoke Winter Jacket
  • Bespoke Winter Jacket

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