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Bespoke Overcoats & Outerwear

Every bespoke suit deserves a protective overcoat and a bespoke overcoat is the ultimate choice for the task at hand. At Cad & The Dandy, every one of our bespoke overcoats is constructed by our team of expert tailors, using the finest cloths, from the most robust wools to the lightest of cashmeres.

Each one of our bespoke coats is cut and crafted with the attention to detail you would expect from a Savile Row tailor. Our ability to create unique one-off designs via the multitude of style options we have available means we can offer everything from classic, timeless and traditional to clean-lined, elegant and contemporary.

– We have hundreds of overcoat cloths to choose from
– Overcoats start at £1200
– Our expert tailors will guide you through every step
– Book online in London, New York or Stockholm
– Overcoat construction takes 8-10 weeks, on average

Book a consultation at one of our London, New York or Stockholm locations or read our Overcoats Guide to find out more.

  • Bespoke Overcoat Savile Row


  • Bespoke Raglan Sleeve Overcoat

  • Bespoke Overcoats Savile Row

  • Tweed Overcoat Savile Row

  • Bespoke Tailored Overcoat

  • Bespoke Coat Savile Row

  • Blue Bespoke Overcoat

  • Blue Bespoke Overcoat
  • Blue Bespoke Overcoat
  • Blue Bespoke Overcoat
  • Blue Bespoke Overcoat
  • Blue Bespoke Overcoat
  • Blue Bespoke Overcoat
  • Blue Bespoke Overcoat

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