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Tweed Jackets – A Closely Woven Thing

November 20th, 2015

Tweed jackets and tweed in general has a long proud history in Great Britain and, at Cad & The Dandy, we are equally proud to use fabrics from its finest merchants who are the envy of woollen producers across the world. These master weavers and finishers supply us with a wonderful array of both classic and contemporary designs, covering a broad price range, so that our customers are given a multitude of options to choose from.

All the wonderful qualities of this cloth make it a perfect choice for tweed jackets and suits, but as the cloth itself tends to be quite heavy, it’s important to make the right choices in regard to weight, cut and style, and a colour that will compliment both you and your environment. Our tailors are always on hand to discuss the many options with you, but we have also put together a short advice guide on the considerations you should make when choosing tweed jackets and tweed suits.

WORTH ITS WEIGHT – Tweed comes in a variety of different weights from the heavy estate tweeds at 22 ounces per yard, down to relatively refined fabrics for suits at 11 or 12 ounces. Keeping you warm, dry and well dressed it is perfect for all sorts of situations through the cooler seasons.

In the country, at the weekend, for travelling or university, there is a weight to suit your requirements. If you want the Tweed look but not the weight, we also carry a good selection of lightweight wools that look and feel like tweed.

NEW BREED OF TWEED – Traditionally tweeds were made for heavy duty outdoors wear to withstand the harsh climate, and dyed in colours that would disappear into the local countryside when worn for hunting, but these days we can choose from a full palette of hues and shades to suit everyone’s taste and environment, including vibrant bright cloths for those who want to stand out from the crowd. The brown, dark blue, and black tweeds are also a popular choice for casual Fridays in the city.

The Cut, The Style, The Story – The wonderful thing about buying a tweed suit, especially a 3 piece set, is that the pieces can all be worn separately too, dressed up and dressed down to suit both smart and casual occasions. These suits can’t be overpowered so you can team them with the most striking shirts and accessories.

Whether you’re in a meeting, or at a country shoot, you will feel comfortable and confident in a beautifully cut tweed suit. This cloth has a bold character of its own, but you can add your own twists to the story with a contrasting colour on the buttonhole thread, pocket flaps and elbow patches, or an opulent lining of beautiful paisley, statement stripe or polka dot.

Depending on your shape and size you can choose from a 1, 2 or 3 buttoned jacket, a fitted, semi-fitted, or a loose cut, which allows you to create your own individual look and choose a style that suits you best and accentuates your assets.

FINISHING OPTIONS – A Cad & The Dandy bespoke tweed suit is always impeccably hand finished, the more subtle hand sewn edges ensuring the jacket holds its shape better. Working cuffs are standard, and the hand finished button hole, with the option to use a contrasting colour, gives a raised, more elegant look.

Whether you want to create a traditional look, a contemporary killer tweed, or be the much loved dandy, we will guide you through all the different choices.

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