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July 29th, 2020

Similar in its styling to a normal work shirt, our denim Journey Shirt has been designed to improve with wear. The luxurious 2 ply denim softens beautifully, evolving over time […]

May 15th, 2020

Having taken a Bank Holiday break last Friday, we’re back with the 7th instalment in our Suits on Film lockdown series. After our previous special feature on Edward Fox, courtesy […]

May 1st, 2020

This week is a Suits on Film Lockdown Playlist special. Submitted by menswear writer, Bruce Boyer – a regular Cad customer and friend – this is a focus piece he […]

April 24th, 2020

The fifth in our Suits on Film lockdown playlist series includes top suggestions from both customers and staff. Keeping the well dressed dream alive, we’re basking in the voyeuristic pursuit […]

April 17th, 2020

As we enter the fourth week of UK lockdown, our Suits on Film playlists have become staple fodder for continued sartorial stimulation. Enjoy our selection below and share your suggestions […]

April 3rd, 2020

Having been inspired by week one’s Suits on Film list, some of us have started to dress accordingly at home. Mixing up the current daily dress down with our favourite […]

March 27th, 2020

With our current daily dress code consisting mainly of pyjamas, sweats and athleisure wear (yes, that’s an actual thing), some of us are feeling the need for a bit of […]