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Client Profile: Daniel Falcón

March 9th, 2022

In partnership with the fine fabrics wholesaler Huddersfield Fine Worsteds., we recently made bespoke bamboo jackets for some creative friends with an interest in men’s style. One such recipient was Daniel Falcón, a New York-based artist who incorporated his own designs into a custom silk lining. We spoke to Daniel about his artwork and how it intersects with his sense of style below.


C&D: How would you describe your background as an artist?
DF: I have enjoyed the arts and working with my hands since I was a kid. In my early teens I picked up my father’s film camera and was taught to work with pastels. However, I would say most of my learning came from the art books I would ask for at Christmas and studying their compositions. Working with my hands and staying tactile has always been key to bringing to those ideas that are constantly lingering in my head to fruition.

C&D: What mediums do you work in?
DF: At the moment, painting. However, I have worked in and experimented a bit with mixed media, pastels, photography, and woodcarving. The medium will continue to change as I find myself working on new projects. I always look for the medium that will best execute the concept for the work or project I am working on at the moment.


C&D: What are some of your key inspirations?
DF: My inspiration derives from many sources, as much I`d like to pin it down to just a few things. Some of which would be collectable objects, vintage print, historical references or pervious work as a reference of how it has evolved. However, the common elements most of those sources provide are a particular feeling, aesthetic and composition.

C&D: How does your interest in menswear intersect with your art?
DF: I have worked for various tailoring and menswear brands, specialising in made-to-measure. The practice of choosing fabric, details, taking measurements and fitting a garment with proportions in mind can sit side by side with composing a work.   

C&D: How did you go about the task of adapting your artwork to a suit lining?
DF: I wanted to tell a story yet keep it simple in balance to the bamboo fabric that already had a pattern. In this case, I tried to conjure a scene in which the person wearing the jacket could be found—caught between the abstraction of jazz and the details that make the attire.

C&D: What has it been like to see your artwork in wearable form?
DF: I have done shirts in the past with either imagery I`ve designed or painted and then had screen printed. However, as with working in different mediums, there is a different feeling and aesthetic that comes from having your work on a cotton shirt to having it on silk inside a bespoke garment. It’s definitely satisfying to see my work in a luxurious, handmade garment.


C&D: How would you describe your own style?
DF: I would say rustic and elegant. I love the outdoors and enjoy going camping as much as I can get around to, yet, I also naturally like to get dressed up. Given the opposites, I like to wear tailored garments in combination with more practical or worn-in garments or accessories.

C&D: What details did you choose for your bamboo jacket, and why?
DF: I decided on a wide notch lapel, pleated patch pockets and amber-coloured buttons. Given the qualities and versatility of the fabric, I wanted to pair it with details that would make it practical and easy to wear. Whether it be with a pair of tailored woollen or cotton trousers, a tie or no tie.

C&D: What has been your impression of bamboo?
DF: The bamboo collection is quite interesting and definitely sets the tone in its own category, with characteristics that make it feel and visually appear like silk. It’s a contemporary fabric that takes the essence of existing luxurious fabrics without losing practicality and wearability.


Cad & The Dandy bespoke bamboo sport jackets start at £1200 with 2 piece suits starting at £1600. For more information, email, call +44 (0)20 7434 4344 or book a bespoke consultation online.

Photography by Rose Callahan.

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