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Cad & The Dandy Whisky

January 25th, 2023

After reminising about the sartorial and gastronomical elegance of Pitti 103, Cad & The Dandy is pulling focus back to Great Britain and honouring Scottish craftsmanship. Burn’s Night celebrations are abound this week and Cad & The Dandy will be toasting the master poet with a dram of our very own Scotch whisky.


Few things speak of luxury like a fine whisky. As with tailoring, quality whisky is driven by tradition, materials used, and skill employed in the making. It was therefore imperative that Cad & The Dandy whisky reflected the care and intent ingrained in our tailors. We partnered with former Caol Ila Distillery manager David Wood, who selected a rare and rich single cask, single malt whisky on our behalf. We have 24 signed and numbered bottles.

This is what makes Cad & the Dandy whisky so special:

Region – Highland. Distilled at Blair Athol, Pitlochry, Perthshire. Established in 1798, this distillery is steeped in history, even drawing water from an ancient source. The Allt Dour Burn flows into the grounds from the peaks of Ben Vrackie and contributes to the whisky’s mellow quality

Age – 12 years old
Cask Type – American oak
Strength – 55% ABV, natural cask strength
Look – Auburn, no artificial colouring. Clear with no chill filtration.
Aroma – Woody
Taste – Soft, vanilla, caramel
Finish – Smooth


Artistry – Original, bespoke label designed and painted by Dr Curly; a graphic artist who specialises in watercolour painting with toothbrushes. This technique is a modern take on a traditional style, producing a strikingly bold and textured image. Curly imbued his design with muted earthy colours that reflect not the style of the whisky and the Cad & the Dandy logo.

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